We're Innovative, We're Green, We're Batt:RE

Since 2017, we’ve been revolutionizing your commute experience by enabling integration between technology and mobility solutions to make life experiences seamless.

Why Batt:RE?


Easy Finance, Zero Interest EMIs and Cashbacks


Futuristic, minimal and confident urban internet & GPS connected scooters

Longer Battery Life

India's first LFP powered electric scooter with 2000 recharge cycles

Long Range

With up to 52ah capacity and 140 kms per charge in actual conditions

Easy Charging

Detachable battery; Charge at your home or office. Fast charge with 10amp charger

Pollution Free

Electric scooters cause 100% lesser air pollution as compared to petrol scooters

You Inspire, We Innovate

We created scooters with just one single purpose, to provide you with city scooter that fits you and your lifestyle. At the heart of your electric scooter is an efficient, responsive powertrain.

Scooters that meets your expectations of a fun, agile drive with exceptional comfort snd distinctive minimalist design – built with care for people and the world we share.

Everything with the scooter is self-assured and confident with a distinct monochromatic color theme, the standard variant proudly expresses the scooter’s purposeful soul of achieving minimalism in design. The scooter is truly and confidently urban.

We also know you care about the future of the planet. Since, Batt:RE is ideated and incubated with the purpose of achieving performance sustainably, we let you drive sustainably – without compromising on performance. Our technologies not only help to save the planet, but also give you more enjoyment on every ride.

We happily walk the extra mile to give you what you want.

Design built around you

We look, listen and design around people's needs. Designed to look good and work flawlessly, it makes life less worrying and complicated and ensures that you fully utilize it's capacity.

Proactive approach

Built for city life and its challenges, Batt:RE solutions are always ready for anything and anywhere.

Style & Quality

Carefully and ergonomically crafted with selected materials indulge the senses, and intuitive technology puts you in command.

The right fit

Ergonomically designed e-Scooters that are preferred by people because of its inherent efficiency that will shape urban commute.

Our Mentors

The right team for the right innovation




New Product Development






People behind your Batt:RE vehicles

Looking to get your hands dirty?

Passionate about building things? Looking for a place that you can call your lab, garage, studio, or home? We are looking for you!

Interested? Write your application to us hr@battre.in


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