Premium Affordable Scooter

Meet the Batt:RE LO:EV scooter - one of the quickest and mostaffordable. Slip through the traffic with easy riding. With anassortment of color options, Lo:EV is what you need!

Features & Benefits

3 Riding Modes

Detachable LFP Battery

Dual Disk Brakes

Reverse Gear

Remote Key & Anti Theft Alarm

USB Charge

India's Premium Entry Level Scooter

Batt:RE LO:EV is one of the quickest and the affordable scooter with complete easy to ride features.

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Experience the feeling of confidence and control on every journey, with a high and agile motorcycle-like handling that puts you in command and utterly comfortable posture.


Colors that define you

Choose your expression of style with a wide range of smart color options.